The company IRM, s.r.o. was established in 2003, and, since the beginning, it has committed itself to sales of wear parts and plant components, prevailingly for automotive industry.

It is our effort to offer our customers high-quality parts at very competitive prices and short delivery terms. Should a required part not be included in our database yet, we are able to manufacture it based on a sample or drawing sent by the customer; there are no set minimum order volumes even then. Customers may appreciate the option to set up consignment stocks in their production facilities, with monthly replenishment of stock based on actual number of parts used during the period; this shall enable customers good stock-keeping economy and make the part ordering agenda simpler. Another plus for the customers is servicing their production plant with optional maintenance scheduling – a customer needs not to keep track of specific action to be ordered; an agreed date of a service engineer´s call based on prearranged schedule, with our notification, shall suffice.

We deliver wear and tear parts of KOMAX, FILOMAT, MEGOMAT, SCHLEUNIGER, TYCO, GHW, INARCA, HANKE, AAC, METZNER and AM STRIP and a great lot of other special parts, such as drawing dies, slide on needles and mandrels, tool holders and alike. Likewise, we provide servicing for KOMAX machines and MECAL electric presses including repairs directly performed in client's premises, as well as servicing for feed toolbars of KOMAX machines used for sealing, including repairs of vibratory drives, sensors and proper toolbars including their adjustment.
We deliver IPP070 pneumatic presses and IEP02 electric eccentric presses of our own production with a simple operation and universal use.

We shall appreciate any suggestions that could result in our improved services; our prime objective is satisfaction on our customers´ part.

IRM, s.r.o.
Při Hranici 87/5
160 00 Praha 6, Sedlec